Welcome to Second Avenue Productions

“Documentaries bring viewers into new worlds and experiences through the presentation of factual information about real people, places, and events, generally — but not always — portrayed through the use of actual images and artifacts.

But factuality alone does not define documentary films; it’s what the filmmaker does with those factual elements, weaving them into an overall narrative that strives to be as compelling as it is truthful and is often greater than the sum of its parts.”

– Sheila Curran Bernard, Author of Documentary Storytelling

Welcome to Second Avenue Productions! The human spirit is the most exciting terrain for exploration, in our view. Understanding how we become who we are, what drives us to do the things we do, or want to do. As we question, we learn. Then we share – through that age-old craft: storytelling. Our projects are #PassionProjects and #LegacyProjects. Projects that we believe resonate universally because they show that we are capable through mind and spirit to be larger than ourselves. For what is the meaning of life, if it’s not about Purpose?