What We Do

Our documentary films take an original look at the development of culture and society within Asia-Pacific communities, and explore the relationship between creativity and the human condition. We believe in the value of arts education in the broadest sense. We aim to offer an international audience a second way in – a second avenue – to explore cosmopolitan Asia today: through film and through the collaborative process of film-making itself. We celebrate the thoughtful artistic voice. We aspire to develop content that will engage, surprise and inspire, while remaining forward-thinking, fully open to all viewpoints and bravely original. We are independent.

Meet Jin


Jin Craven – Founder / Producer / Director

Jin travels between Asia and the UK, and has experience in broadcasting, finance and arts promotion. Jin has an unique East/West perspective through personal experience, and offers insight into contemporary Asia within a global context. In particular, Southeast Asia’s significance is increasingly clear: culture and politics, traditions and change, change-makers and conservatives…these are the ingredients in Jin’s storytelling through film. She leads and collaborates with international talent to bring audiences into the hidden worlds of characters who fascinate and inspire in unexpected ways.